Advanced Excel

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Our hands-on advanced Excel training focuses on useful formula design for data processing and modeling, using Excel's built-in range features like Data Validation, useful worksheet functions and applying Excel's built-in data processing tools and worksheet functions to analyze and clean text files and worksheet tables.
We teach you how to develop analysis and data processing problems on the worksheet then how to determine the proper Excel tools to create a unique solution. In all of our workshops, we evaluate our clienteles’ knowledge level, their problems and adjust our curriculum to their specific needs.


  • Experience of Windows 2000 or later
  • Excel 2003 Introduction course or equivalent experience
  • Excel 2007 Introduction course or equivalent experience

After taking this course, the participant will be able to

  • Work comfortably in the Excel environment
  • Create and use formulas
  • Use Excel as a database
  • Use filters and subtotals in a database
  • Manage Excel data
  • Validate data in Excel
  • Audit Worksheet
  • Perform IF analysis