E-Tech Hosts ICDL ATC Workshops in Abuja and Lagos

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As a major aspect of its late outing to Nigeria, ICDL Africa held workshops for existing ATCs in Abuja and Lagos. This was an extraordinary open door for the group to meet with ATC staff on our first ever outing to Nigeria. ATCs spoke to an assortment of divisions including business preparing associations and training foundations.

ICDL Africa General Manager Séamus McGinley overhauled participants on late advancements at ICDL Foundation and ICDL Africa. Accomplice Relations Manager Marie-Claire Walsh, gave a presentation on project operations. Confidence Osazemwinde and Prince Suileman (speaking to our Accreditation Consultant, E-Tech) facilitated exchanges around review, promoting and business advancement. E-Tech Chairman, Abdulkareem Uthman Mustapha laid out the technique for development in Nigeria, where all ATCs must cooperate to help in the development of the ICDL brand.

As the biggest economy in Africa, computerized aptitudes must be at the heart of the Nigerian economy and ICDL Africa, its nearby Accreditation Consultant and system of ATCs are prepared to work together to get this going