MBS Executive Management Development

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MBS is a world class education provider with over 200 specially selected teaching staff offices in Manchester, London, Asia, the Middle East and America, providing high quality corporate education for more than 30years. The programmes are led by active researchers at the fore front of business thinking who engage in business on a daily basis.

MBS has worked in partnership with many of the world’s prestigious blue chip and public sector organisations, applying original thinking to the real life challenges they face and making a genuine difference to local, national and global business. Original thinking is meaningless if it cannot be applied to the real world. This Executive Management Programme is grounded in a commercial reality to give credible, relevant, actionable result that will improve performance both at individual and organisational levels.

It is therefore our pleasure to stretch forth to you an opportunity to participate in MBS Executive Management Development Program.

An organisation is as good as its workforce. Recruiting, rewarding and retaining first class leaders and managers are vital to organisational growth and success. This programme is designed to help you develop a broad skill based on whatever stage you have reached. The knowledge gained in group discussions led by Manchester Business School Executive Education Faculty; Strategy Simulations, Leadership Workshops, and Executive Mentoring, will have immediate relevance and impact on the job of the participants.

Each participant would broaden their core business knowledge in areas such as strategy, marketing, finance, and negotiations as benefit from the expertise of global participants from a wide variety of industries, functional areas, cultures and geographical regions. The program is very practical and participative.

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