The PETSS-7 is a 7-inch educational tablet designed specifically for students in Secondary Schools taking various examinations such as the WAEC, NECO and JAMB. It is an innovation in learning that dramatically improves the performance of students taking various examinations. The contents include:

1. Audio-visual classroom lessons

2. NERDC Curriculum-based textbooks for SSCE

3. Past Question Papers

4. Mock Examinations

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Brand Name:    Aurora Tablets

Product Name:  PETSS-7

Model:  F713G




The PETSS-7 is a 7-inch educational tablet designedspecificallyforstudents inSecondary Schoolstakingvarious examinations such astheWAEC,NECOand JAMB.It isaninnovationin learningthatdramatically improvestheperformanceof studentstakingvarious examinations.Thecontentsinclude:

  • 1.  Audio-visual classroom lessons
  • 2.  NERDC Curriculum-based textbooks for SSCE
  • 3.  Past Question Papers
  • 4.  Mock Examinations

Audio-visual classroom lessons:

The PETSS provides an audio-visual recording of lessons conducted by top teachers. The student can watch and listen to the same lesson over and over again as many times as he wishes until he has a complete grasp of the topic. The recordings allow retention of concepts by over 25% more, when compared to just reading from books.

NERDC Curriculum-based textbooks for SSCE:

The Tablet is pre-loaded with text books based on curriculum of the NERDC for Senior Secondary Schools for each subject. The student can highlight and bookmark portions of text for later reference.

Past Question Papers and Mock Examinations:

Students generally want to test their knowledge of the subject they are studying by attempting past examination questions in that subject. The PETSS is pre-loaded with different past exam papers from WAEC,NECO and JAMB. The student would be able to attempt to answer these questions. Answers are provided so he can easily determine his own knowledge of the subject matter. Apart from attempting past question papers, the PETSS can also generate mockexamination papers that students cantry in asimulated examination condition to determinehowwellhewouldperform inareal examinationsituation.Thequestionswouldbe selectedby the systembasedonthe same process that examiners use in creating question papers.

Internet Bundle:

The PETSS-7 is bundled with high speed, high capacity internet bundle from one of the Telecoms Providers. The Tablet also has WIFI capability that enables it to logon to the Internet whenever the WIFI service is available. It also has in-built 3G SIM modem so that it can access the net via GSM operator networks.

The contents cover most of the subjects of the SSCE curriculum. The following subjects are included:

  • ·  English
  • ·  Mathematics
  • ·  Biology
  • ·  Chemistry
  • ·  Physics
  • ·  Government
  • ·  Economics
  • ·  Civic Studies
  • ·  Commerce
  • ·  History
  • ·  Geography
  • ·  Technical Drawing
  • ·  IRK
  • ·  CRK
  • ·  Accounting