Capacity building training for PPMC staff on developing Leadership Skills

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PPMC Training for management staff on Microsoft Excel, Database Management (Microsoft Access) and Developing Leadership Skills was held on the 24th of September to the 19th October, 2012

It was a 3-weeks training which commenced on the 24th of September and ended on the 19th of October.

The first week was on Microsoft Excel and it comprised of the introduction to Microsoft Excel, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Excel. It ran for 5 days - 24th to 28th of September and its objectives include:

  • Introduction & calculating data with advanced formulas
  • Organizing worksheet and table data
  • Presenting data using charts
  • Data analysis using pivot table and pivot chart
  • Insert graphic objects
  • Customizing and enhancing workbook and the excel environment
  • Streamlining workflow ? Collaborating with others
  • Auditing worksheet
  • Analyzing data
  • Wrapping up

Available to take this training were two facilitators.

The second week training was on Database Management (Microsoft Access) and it comprised of Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports. It ran for 5 days - 8th to 12th of October and its objectives include:
  • Exploring the Microsoft Office Access 2007 Environment
  • Designing a Database
  • Building a Database
  • Managing Data in a Table
  • Querying a Database
  • Designing Forms
  • Generating Reports
  • Controlling Data Entry
  • Joining tables

Available to take the training were three facilitators.

Week 3 was the third and final week of the training. It was on Developing Leadership Skills ran for 5 days - 15th to 19th of October. Its objectives include:

  • Leading effectively
  • Ethics as tools for effective leadership
  • Building and leading high performance teams
  • Strategic management process
  • Managing people effectively
  • Creative problem solving and decision making skills
  • Managing peoples behavior and attitude for effective performance
  • Tips for success

Available to take the training were three facilitators.